Champaign, Illinois: Community leader, Country Trust Bank Financial Advisor and former basketball star, David Palmer announced his candidacy for United States Representative in the Illinois’ 13th Congressional District.

David kicked off his historic candidacy with a Sunday feature in the News-Gazette, highlighting his journey from professional basketball star to candidate for Congress.

After David finished his decorated basketball career across the globe, he chose Champaign to call home and start a family. A place where raising two children, a dog, and establishing careers just felt right.

“No matter how much fun you had, no matter how much money you just made, it never really mattered as soon as you get to touch down in the United States,”

David rolled up his sleeves and became intimately involved with the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club working with Champaign’s youth. This is where David started his community service, a call to service his family has answered for generations.

“You can see the tangible result of the work that you’re doing because they’re that ripe age where a little guidance can really go a long way.”

David, a lifelong Democrat, believes in affordable healthcare for all, quality improvements to our crumbling infrastructure (which lead to jobs for the district), and as a gun owner- common sense public safety measures.

These are just a few of the issues that David is passionate about – but most of all, he wants to ensure that he represents every single resident of the region. It shouldn’t matter if you are from a “red area” or a “blue area”, every resident of the district should feel as though their Congressman is accessible, listens to their problems, and does everything they can to make their constituents’ lives better.

That’s why David is running. Coming from a working class family, David understands the importance of representing the community in a positive manner. It’s about service. Service to our friends, neighbors, and most overall for those who have felt voiceless and forgotten.

Please follow David’s campaign on his website – – and on Twitter (@PalmerforIL), Facebook (Palmer for Illinois) and Instagram (@Palmer4Illinois).

Press Contact:
Anthony Cherry
[email protected]