September 9, 2021

Champaign, Illinois:, David Palmer, Democratic Candidate for Congress in Central and Downstate Illinois, has earned the endorsement from The Collective PAC, the nation’s largest political action committee dedicated to increasing Black political representation across all levels of government.

“Over the past several years, David has worked tirelessly to improve the communities of Central Illinois starting with the Boys and Girls Club and other youth organizations. Now, David is committed to ensuring the interests of the constituents of Central and Downstate Illinois, especially those of the black community, are heard in Washington D.C. We are proud of the work David is and will do to represent his constituents,” said Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye, National Political & Organizing Director for The Collective PAC.

Founded in August of 2006, The Collective PAC has endorsed and supported hundreds of Black candidates over the past five years, and has helped elect 121 candidates across the country. Their website notes that the promise of our democracy is that our government would be for the people and of the people. To ensure our nation upholds its ideals and promise, The Collective PAC is focused on increasing the number of African Americans in public office at all levels.

“Having the support and endorsement of The Collective PAC means the world to me and my campaign,” said David Palmer. “Their support is proof in our campaign’s mission to represent every resident of the Illinois 13th district, especially those who have felt voiceless under their current representation. I am grateful to have them in my corner as we look to continue earning more support throughout Central and Downstate Illinois.”

During these upcoming mid-elections, The Collective PAC has plans to rectify the underrepresentation of the Black community in elected seats of power throughout America, including here in Illinois. With the help from organizations like The Collective PAC, the Democrats will work towards maintaining the current Majority in the House.

Press Contact:
Anthony Cherry
[email protected]