For Immediate Release
Date: January 11, 2022

Press Contact: Anthony Cherry
[email protected]
Cell Phone: 413-446-1739

CHAMPAIGN, IL — David Palmer, Democratic candidate for the Illinois-13th congressional district, announces his support for H.R. 1976, aka Medicare for All. Healthcare has been on the forefront of every American’s life over the past 22 months. The pandemic has completely disrupted our healthcare system in our communities.

Going forward nearly 60 million Americans will have to face the reality of what the long-term side effects are from having COVID. It is our responsibility to ensure Healthcare is a guaranteed right, not a privilege for those fortunate enough to qualify.

“Ten years after the landmark Affordable Care Act was signed into law, 30 million Americans still are not covered by health insurance. The Public Option will not lead to care this country and its citizens require. That is why I am proud to support H.R. 1976 (Medicare for All Act of 2021) to ensure all Americans have the access to quality healthcare, and not have to worry about how to pay for it,” said David Palmer. “It is long past time, we put the health and safety of our neighbors ahead of for-profit insurance corporations. Medicare for All is about the economics of healthcare. We currently are propping up a healthcare system that is more concerned about the bottom line than making sure people are healthy. Our system is broken! And Medicare for All is just what the doctor prescribes.”

“Sen. Bernie Sanders and David Palmer have a much better idea – Medicare for All,” said Dr. Pamella Gronemeyer, Director of Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist with SEMC Pathology and Co-Director for Physicians for a National Health Program (Southern Illinois Chapter). “Health care would finally be recognized as a human right rather than something that has to be earned and rationed by one’s ability to pay.”

You can learn more about David’s campaign and how he hopes to bring the change needed to Washington at