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David Palmer is about service. Service to the community, to all residents of IL-13. David is out making phone calls, listening to residents, connecting with donors, voters, and local leaders. David’s jumpstart on the competition combined with his inspiring personal story and unique experiences make him the strongest candidate for Il-13.

David focuses on policies that directly address the issues facing the residents of his community.

David is a small business owner with Country Financial. After retiring from his professional basketball career, David and Chelsea started building their life in Champaign almost a decade ago. With Chelsea’s family roots and the welcoming community of Champaign, they both quickly felt at home and soon started a family. Now they share their home with their two children; David II and Quinci Rose.

David is focusing on policies that directly address the issues facing the residents of his community and district, such as the need for significant investments to bring high-paying and stable jobs. That includes significant investment in Green infrastructure, including more windmills and solar initiatives to revitalize struggling economies across the district.

While David’s work with Country Financial has given him the opportunity of helping everyday people improve their financial situation, it has also given him insight into the issues facing people throughout the diverse areas of the district, rural and urban, folks who are trying to plan for their retirement and navigate the day to day demands on low income wage earners and small business owners alike.

David believes that healthcare should be affordable for everyone and that the fight against COVID-19 must be continued. For David, healthcare isn’t just a financial issue; it’s also a moral one. Access to quality healthcare is an imperative for communities to grow and prosper. Getting well should be a person’s primary concern, not the cost of the care they need.

David wants to address the burden on college students who are breaking under the load of crushing debt – with no relief in sight –by helping them regain their financial stability and help them build new generations of the middle class.

These are just a few of the issues that David is passionate about – but most of all, he wants to ensure that he represents every single resident of IL-13. It doesn’t matter if you are from a “red area” or a “blue area.” Every resident of the district should feel as though their representative in Congress is accessible, listens to their problems, and does everything possible to make their constituents’ lives better.

That’s why David is running. It’s about service. Service to the community, to all of the residents of IL-13, and to all those forgotten by entrenched DC politicians who care more about reelection than sticking up for the people they serve.

David and his wife, Chelsea, have two children: David II and a infant daughter, Quinci Rose. As the son of David and Sharon Palmer, who raised him outside of Nashville, David grew up a basketball standout and attended Oak Hill Academy. He was recruited by the University of Iowa Hawkeyes before spending several years playing professionally across the globe.


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